How many records does the Gooderson UK Census Archive contain?


At the last count in January 2005 the database housed in excess of seven hundred and fifty individual records.


Which Counties are covered?


The databases are designed to cover all counties.


What period do the records cover?


All UK censuses from 1841 to 1901 inclusive.


Which surnames are covered by the database?


The database contains entries for each of the Goodersons, together with the names of other people that slept in the same household on the night of each census.


Why was the facility to search all years simultaneously not provided?


Not only is it technically difficult to design and operate such a system but there appears to be little or no advantage in doing so. Consequently there are currently no plans to provide a simultaneous search facility.


When and by whom were these records obtained for the Archive?


The vast majority of the Gooderson Archive’s Civil Probate document photocopies were obtained during the period 1984 to 2005 by Roy Rayment from the Public Record Office in London, firstly at Portugal Street, then at Chancery Lane and finally at The Family Records Centre In Myddelton Street.


Are additional entries made to the database on a regular basis?


Yes. The databases are currently being updated every few days.


How can I find out more about census records in general?


The Public Record Office published a very useful book in 1992 entitled "Making Use of the Census" by Susan Lumas. Originally priced at £3-95 with the ISBN 1-873162-02-2, this was the forerunner of a number of similar publications, many of which can still be obtained from the PRO or SOG bookshops.


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