What does the Gooderson Archive's Scottish Civil Registration marriage index database actually contain?  
The database contains an exact transcription of the complete entry for all instances of the Gooderson, Goodinson and Goodison surnames that are listed in the Scottish G.R.O. births index.  Some of the entries for variant surnames (such as Goodeson) have also been included, together with a number of similar sounding but non-variant surnames (such as Goodson).
What period do the records in the database cover?
The whole of the Scottish Civil Registration era from the year 1855 to the present day.
Why are some parts of the index entries shown in italics in the database?
Italics have been used by the Gooderson Archive to denote information that did not appear in the original G.R.O. index entry, but which has been derived from other sources.
Why are the names of spouses sometimes missing from the index?
The Scottish G.R.O. did not originally include the forenames of spouses in their marriage index.  Any spouse forenames shown in the early years of the database have been added as a result of research by the Gooderson Archive's team.
Can I find out the location of a Registration District if only its name is known?
Yes - Please contact for information.
Are any abbreviations used for first forenames in the database?
Not normally but it should be noted that the Scottish authorities have sometimes cut short some very long names where there was insufficient room to accommodate them in the index.
What is the likelihood of transcription errors having occurred during the construction of the database by the Gooderson Archive's researchers?  
Although the organisers of the Gooderson Archive have taken the utmost care in transcribing entries from the Scottish G.R.O. marriage index, a greater possibility of error exists than is the case for the English and Welsh equivalent.  This situation arises because, unlike in England, entry to the building in which the Scottish records are housed (New Register House in Edinburgh) is chargeable.  Coupled with the expense of travel and accommodation, this has meant that it has proved far too costly to make further visits in order to re-check each of the original transcriptions.
Since a Divorce Index is now available to the public in Scotland, have the Gooderson Archive owners cross-referenced entries in the Scottish marriages database to divorces?  
No.  The database is intended to contain copies of entries as they exist in the G.R.O. marriage index, which is not cross-referenced to divorce information.
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